Randy Garbin | Creative Professional

Randy Garbin

Creative Professional

This site displays examples of my varied creative endeavors performed for a variety of clients. My multifaceted career includes print design, interactive design, illustration, photography, magazine publishing, and a couple of books as well as many published articles.

I design and develop websites using the Joomla and Wordpress platforms. Since applying my design aesthetic to the world of open-source CMS platforms, I've launched over 50 sites (and counting). While I consider myself more of a designer than a developer, a fundamental knowlege of my tools contributes to the success of any project. Curiosity and experience in a broad range of interests fuel my passion for this work. 

To designers starting out in the business, I've encouraged them to become a smart designer rather than one that parrots the latest trends. A good designer designs for the client. A great designer leads the client to a better solution than the one they had in mind.