Randy Garbin | Art Director

This site displays examples of my varied creative endeavors performed for a variety of clients. My multifaceted career includes print design, interactive design, illustration, photography, magazine publishing, and a couple of books as well as many published articles.

I design and develop websites using the Joomla and Wordpress platforms. Since applying my design aesthetic to the world of open-source CMS platforms, I've launched over 50 sites (and counting). While I consider myself more of a designer than a developer, a fundamental knowlege of my tools contributes to the success of any project. Curiosity and experience in a broad range of interests fuel my passion for this work. 

To designers starting out in the business, I've encouraged them to become a smart designer rather than one that parrots the latest trends. A good designer designs for the client. A great designer leads the client to a better solution than the one they had in mind. 

Notable Clients & Employers

Merck & Co

High Swartz Law
Norristown, Pennsylvania

Law Offices of Maryann P. Gallagher
Los Angeles, CA

LaVoie Health Sciences
Charlestown, Massachusetts

Darby O’Brien Advertising
South Hadley, Massachusetts

International Institute for Restorative Practices
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Reading Terminal Market
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New England–Israel Business Council
Boston, Massachusetts

Johnson & Johnson

Kullman Industries
Lebanon, New Jersey

TGW Conveyor Systems
Spring Lake, MI

Master Foods

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Simon & Schuster

Fidelity Investments

Wilmington, Massachusetts

AliMed, Inc.
Dedham, Massachusetts

Super Duper Weenie
Fairfield, Connecticut