The Story

In the early years of my working life, before my career as a creative, I interviewed for a summer job as a warehouse worker. The employer asked me, "Why should I hire you?" I responded with a stumbling, long-winded answer about maximizing efficiencies and other nonsense. On the drive home, the right answer — and one that more accurately reflected my work ethic — came to me: “I show up on time, and I do what I’m told.” I didn’t get the job, but so began a work experience full of important lessons learned.

I am currently working as an independent contractor specializing in the design, development, and construction of websites large and small built upon open-source content management frameworks. My work typically involves deploying my original concepts on either the Joomla or Wordpress systems.

While the last few years of my experience involves almost entirely interactive, the foundation of my work comes from print design where I created everything from brochures to annual reports as well as advertising, direct mail, and publications (and more!)

I love this work. I take it seriously, but I come to work every day with an easy-going nature and the curiosity of a journalist. This attitude has lead me into publishing, advertising, and editorial.

I have written hundreds of articles, two books, dozens of press releases, business plans, and speeches. My work with Roadside Magazine has put me on the pages of the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and on the screens for the Food Network, the Travel Channel, and many shows in the Boston TV market. I've given dozens of speeches before groups large and small. I short, I can expertly communicate an idea.

"He knows more than he thinks he does."